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Need a more accurate DAC?

DAC9881 - Highest Accuracy DAC, 18-bit monotonic performance

The Design Challenge: Increase system accuracy and precision while reducing board space and design cycle time.

  • Increase accuracy and resolution
  • Reduce system noise and power
  • Reduce board space and cost
  • Improve time-to-market

The TI Solution: The DAC9881 is the industry's highest accuracy digital-to-analog converter (DAC). Featuring 18-bit monotonic performance, ±2 LSB INL, ±1 LSB DNL and small QFN package, the DAC9881 increases system performance and simplifies designs in precision industrial applications.

Watch this video to learn more about the DAC9881’s unmatched combination of attributes — high resolution, high accuracy, low noise and low power — that enables designers to increase performance and simplify development.

Download the DatasheetGet a Sample

More SpecificallyDAC9881 18-bit monotonic DAC

Key Features

  • 18-bit resolution
  • 18-bit monotonic performance
  • ±2 LSB integral nonlinearity (INL)
  • ±1 LSB differential nonlinearity (DNL)
  • Low noise: 24nV/√Hz
  • Low power: 4mW (typical)
  • Settling time: 5μs (typical)
  • 50MHz SPI interface with 1.8V/3V/5V compatible logic
  • QFN-24 (4mm x 4mm) package

Key Applications

  • Automatic test equipment
  • Instrumentation
  • Industrial process control
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Communications

Download the Datasheet to learn more about the DAC9881

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