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Stellaris MCU Family

Stellaris MCUs and ARM Cortex-M3 offers a direct path to the strongest ecosystem of development tools, software and knowledge in the industry. Designers who migrate to Stellaris will benefit from great tools, small code footprint and outstanding performance.

The Stellaris family offers the industry's first and broadest implementation of Cortex-M3 and the Thumb-2 instruction set. With blazingly-fast responsiveness, Thumb-2 technology combines both 16-bit and 32-bit instructions to deliver the best balance of code density and performance. Thumb-2 uses 26 percent less memory than pure 32-bit code to reduce system cost while delivering 25 percent better performance.

Newly acquired into TI's expansive microcontroller portfolio, Stellaris microcontroller users will benefit from:

  • Assured continuity of supply with the backing of a global top-three semiconductor supplier with more than 75 years of industry experience
  • Access to and support from a large direct global sales force, in addition to extensive global distribution access
  • Ability to pair your Stellaris MCU with the complete signal chain and power management solutions, support and applications know-how that only TI can offer

The era of pervasive 32-bit computing, control and communication has arrived!

Stellaris Kits

Stellaris Family Evaluation, Development and Reference Design Kits provide the hardware and software tools that engineers need to develop and prototype embedded applications right out of the box. Each kit includes evaluation tool suites for popular development tools, documentation, a complete StellarisWare Firmware Development Package and all the cables necessary to begin rapid development using Stellaris microcontrollers.

StellarisWare Software

With Stellaris microcontrollers, you can choose to keep all your programming in C/C++, even interrupt service routines and startup code. We make it even easier by providing StellarisWare software that includes source code and royalty-free libraries for application support.

StellarisWare Software compiles on ARM/Keil Microcontroller Development Toolkit for ARM, IAR Embedded Workbench, Code Red Technologies' RedSuite, Code SourceryG++ and generic GNU development tools.

Stellaris Applications

Stellaris parts are used in many industries and products around the world. This page illustrates just a small sampling of those. Under each Application and Solution space, you will find information that helps to identify special features of the products, as well as white papers and industry sites of interest.

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