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This application report documents the wireless temperature-sensor network demonstration application provided with the eZ430-RF2500 development tool. The application uses Texas Instruments SimpliciTIā„¢ wireless communication protocol to set up a simple network in which end devices communicate sampled temperature and voltage data to a network access point. The access point communicates all collected data through an available UART to a PC COM port. This port is then used with an accompanying graphical user interface (GUI) to display the data in a user-friendly manner. This document is intended to act as a guide for the eZ430-RF2500 firmware only. It does not focus on the use of the accompanying Network Visualizer GUI or on the SimpliciTI network protocol. For more information on the Network Visualizer and SimpliciTI network protocol, see Appendix B and, respectively.

NOTE: Due to a change in IAR compiler calling conventions, the Wireless Sensor Monitor v1.03 runs only with version 5.12 and later of the IAR Embedded Workbench KickStartā„¢, available online at The code does not compile with KickStart v3.42 and returns a linker error.

eZ430-RF2500 Sensor Monitor Demo (ZIP 3541 KB)