Design Support


This report explains the different features and pin assignments between the TNETE2201B and the TLK2201/TLK1201 serializer/deserializer (SERDES) devices from Texas Instruments. The differences in pin functions are described and guidelines are given to design a board that allows the use of either device. The TNETE2201B is a 3.3-V device and can interface with optical modules such as the HFBR53D5. The TLK2201/TLK1201 in contrast is a pure CMOS design with advanced features, lowercost, reduced board component count, and one-third the power of the TNETE2201B. The output PECL driver has been designed to be compatible with the TNETE2201B, allowing an easy replacement option. Differences between the TLK2201 and TLK1201 can be seen in their respective datasheets.