Design Support


This application report describes the firmware implemented in the MSP430F2370 for use with the Texas Instruments TRF7960A evaluation module (EVM). The TRF7960AEVM is a multiple-standard fully integrated 13.56-MHz radio frequency identification (RFID) analog front end and data framing reader system. This reference firmware was developed using the Code Composer Studio™ IDE v4.2.1.00004 and can be also used with IAR Embedded Workbench® IDE for MSP430. This document is designed for readers who may or may not be experienced with firmware development for RFID and want to understand the reference firmware and/or develop their own firmware for the TRF7960A. This application report should be used in conjunction with the relevant ISO or device specific standard/specification (for example, ISO15693 or ISO14443A/B), which specifies the protocol, specific commands, and other parameters required for communication between the transponder and the reader.