Design Support


NFC and RFID reader battery-powered applications must have a defined and limited energy consumption budget as well as low cost for a product to be realized. Techniques and strategies have emerged over the years for the card presence detection that attempt to address both concerns. The intent of this application report is to contribute to these techniques and strategies by offering an advancement expressed by adding a simple circuit and small firmware control logic loop to an existing design, which offers dramatic improvement over previously identified card detection solutions. Additionally, a brief overview of the pros and cons of the known and common implementations of battery-powered RFID and NFC readers is given, and in-depth details are provided on the innovative technique and approach, developed by Texas Instruments for our customers leveraging both the MSP430 (ultra-low power 16-bit MCU) and the TRF79xxA (family of highly integrated NFC/RFID reader/writer ICs) in their battery-powered NFC/RFID reader applications and designs.