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The Near Field Communication (NFC) market is emerging into multiple fields including Medical, Consumer, Retail, Industrial, Automotive, and Smart Grid. Card Emulation is one of the three operational modes supported by the TRF7970A. When using Card Emulation, the user can configure the TRF7970A to emulate a Type 4A or Type 4B Tag Platform. When emulating either of the Tag Platforms, Record Type Definitions (RTD) can be used such as Text, URI, Smart Poster, or V-Card. It should also be noted here that Card Emulation on the TRF7970A is not limited to NFC applications. Other applications could include payment systems, access control, proprietary customer systems, and other ISO 14443-4 applications. This application report describes the fundamental concepts of how Card Emulation is to be implemented and also how to successfully accomplish the mastery of the concept while using the TRF7970A.

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