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Analog and digital sensors coupled together with wireless technology is an expanding use case across many different areas of growing technology such as diagnostics, data logging, and medical. Near Field Communication (NFC) technology has emerged as a viable option for many of those applications that can benefit from utilizing a contactless short-range wireless solution. Texas Instruments offers the RF430FRL15xH family of dynamic NFC sensor transponders that allow multiple analog and digital sensors to be interfaced to a single chip that can read sensor data and then transmit it over the air using NFC communication. The RF430FRL15xH devices use the ISO/IEC 15693 protocol for over-the-air communication, has a 14-bit sigma-delta ADC, and an I2C or SPI data bus. This application report describes how to use an MSP430FR4133 16-bit FRAM microcontroller and a TRF7970A NFC transceiver to read data from the RF430FRL152H sensor patch. The application report also includes a brief description of how to use TI's MSP-IQMATHLIB to calculate the temperature read by the thermistor while minimizing software overhead and power consumption.