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This application report describes a real-time MIDI music synthesis system using a low cost digital signal processor (DSP) such as the Texas Instruments (TI)(tm) TMS320C32 in a PC environment. The system consists of a MIDI device with a MIDI interface, an IBM compatible personal computer, and a TMS320C32 development board where the core of the music synthesis engine resides. The MIDI device generates music synthesis commands. The host computer handles communications between the MIDI device and the DSP, where music samples are synthesized using sinusoidal modeling-based music synthesis techniques. Two sinusoidal model-based music synthesis algorithms are discussed: the Spectral Modeling System (SMS) and the Analysis-By-Synthesis and OverLap-Add (ABS/OLA). This report details the interoperability of the three processes, the control and handshake for data flow, the input file structure, and the mechanism used for synthesis. Keywords: DSPRDC, MIDI, Music Synthesis, Digital Audio Signal Processing, TMS320C32, DSP