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Space-vector (SV) pulse width modulation (PWM) technique has become a popular PWM technique for three-phase voltage-source inverters (VSI) in applications such as control of AC induction and permanent-magnet synchronous motors. This document gives an in-depth discussion of the theory and implementation of the SV PWM technique. Two different SV PWM waveform patterns, one using the regular compare function on the Texas Instruments (TI)(tm) TMS320C24x/F24x digital signal processors (DSPs) and another implemented with the SV PWM hardware module on the TI TMS320C24x/F24x DSPs are presented, with complete code examples for the TMS320F243/1. At the end, a complete AC induction motor control application is discussed to show the effectiveness of both approaches. PWM waveforms of the presented implementations and experimental data in the form of motor currents are shown and discussed. A full TMS320F243/1 program example is attached. The observation of dead band imbalance for the hardware-implemented SVPWM pattern in this report has not been seen in other publications.