Design Support


The DM642 DSP has three 20-bit video ports capable of high definition (HD) display. The video ports can be programmed to follow HDTV standards, such as SMPTE274M and SMPTE296M. These HDTV standards follow a 4:2:2 convention where luminance and chrominance signals are separated onto two different 8- or 10-bit data paths. This convention is more commonly called Y/C mode. Many new HD displays accept Y'PbPr component inputs (analog luminance and chrominance). The DM642 outputs digital luma and chroma (Y'CbCr) and must be converted to analog, which can be achieved using the THS8200 triple-video digital-to-analog converter (DAC). This application note gives a brief discussion on the HDTV standards and demonstrates the hardware requirements/implementation for interfacing the DM642 video port to a THS8200. A future revision of this application note will give software configurations, THS8200 drivers, and an example application proving the discussed system.