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This document discusses the power consumption of the Texas Instruments TMS320DM640, TMS320DM641, TMS320DM642, and TMS320DM643 digital signal processors (DSPs). Power consumption on these devices is highly application- dependent, so a spreadsheet is provided to model power consumption for a user's application. To get good results from the spreadsheet, realistic usage parameters must be entered. The low-core voltage and other power design optimizations allow these DSPs to operate with industry-leading performance, while maintaining a low power-to-performance ratio.< P > The data presented in this document is actual measured power consumption for the DM642 silicon revision 1.0. < P >This application report contains a spreadsheet that can be downloaded from this link: The spreadsheet should be used to correct power numbers given in the following table for the DM640, DM641, and DM643. For example, the DM640 and DM641 only have a 32-bit EMIF decreasing the overall power consumption.

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