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This application report discusses the power consumption of the Texas Instruments TMS320DM6467 digital media System-on-Chip (DMSoC). Power consumption on the DM6467 device is highly application-dependent; therefore, a spreadsheet that estimates power consumption is provided along with this document. To obtain good results from the spreadsheet, realistic usage parameters must be entered (see Section 2.1). The low-core voltage and other power design optimizations allow these devices to operate with industry-leading performance, while maintaining a low power-to-performance ratio.

The data presented in the accompanying spreadsheet was measured from strong units, representative of devices at the maximum end of power consumption for production units. No production units will have average power consumption that exceeds the spreadsheet values; therefore, the spreadsheet values may be used for board thermal analysis and power supply design as a maximum long-term average. The power data presented in this document are based on measured data with TMX320DM6467 silicon revision 1.0 devices. The power consumption does not change for TMS320DM6467 silicon revisions 1.1 and 3.0.

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