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Power consumption on the OMAP3530 device is highly application-dependent, therefore, a spreadsheet is provided to model power consumption for a user's application and to present some measured scenarios. Version 1.x of the spreadsheet helps to configure the device core modules such as the ARM Cortex-A8, DSP and most peripherals. The data in the accompanying spreadsheet represents measurements and estimates for strong units, which are indicative of the expected maximums of power consumption for production units. Thus, the spreadsheet values can be used for board thermal analysis and power supply design as a maximum long-term average. The spreadsheet does not represent power savings possible with OMAP3530 SmartReflex™ features such dynamic power switching (DPS) or adaptive voltage scaling (AVS). The data presented in the Version 1.x power estimation spreadsheet are based on measurements performed on OMAP3530 revision 3.0 silicon, as well as estimates.

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