Design Support


This application report presents the implementation details of a digitally controlled DC-DC converter that is used as a front-end converter for solar inverter (DC-AC) application. It implements an isolated DC-DC stage with maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm in order to utilize the full capacity of a 500W solar panel. It maintains its input voltage at the reference set point generated by the MPPT algorithm and delivers power to a downstream DC-AC inverter when connected across its output. The DC-AC inverter transfers the power from the DC-DC stage to an emulated grid connected across its own output. A C2000 Piccolo-B control card and a 500W isolated DC-DC stage EVM are used to implement the complete DCDC system.

This EVM comes with a Piccolo-B control card and not the Piccolo-A card. However, a Picocolo-A control card can also be used to implement full control of the EVM.