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The High-Frequency Inverter is mainly used today in uninterruptible power supply systems, AC motor drives, induction heating and renewable energy source systems. The simplest form of an inverter is the bridge-type, where a power bridge is controlled according to the sinusoidal pulse-width modulation (SPWM) principle and the resulting SPWM wave is filtered to produce the alternating output voltage. In many applications, it is important for an inverter to be lightweight and of a relatively small size. This can be achieved by using a High-Frequency Inverter that involves an isolated DC-DC stage (Voltage Fed Push- Pull/Full Bridge) and the DC-AC section, which provides the AC output. This application report documents the implementation of the Voltage Fed Full Bridge isolated DC-DC converter followed by the Full-Bridge DC-AC converter using TMS320F28069 (C2000™) for High-Frequency Inverters.