Design Support


This application note presents a solution to control a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) using the TMS320F2803x microcontrollers along with the DRV830x-HC-EVMs. The two EVMs that are targeted are the DRV8301-HC-EVM and the DRV8302-HC-EVM which showcase the DRV8301 and DRV8302 Three Phase Pre-Drivers with Dual Current Shunt amplifiers and Buck Converter. TMS320F2803x devices are part of the family of C2000 microcontrollers which enable cost-effective design of intelligent controllers for three phase motors by reducing the system components and increasing efficiency. With these devices it is possible to realize far more precise digital vector control algorithms like Field Orientated Control (FOC). This algorithm's implementation is discussed in this document. The FOC algorithm maintains efficiency in a wide range of speeds and takes into consideration torque changes with transient phases by processing a dynamic model of the motor. Among the solutions proposed are ways to eliminate the phase current sensors and use an observer for speed sensorless control. The DMC Library uses TI’s IQ math library, which supports both fixed and floating point maths. This makes migrating from floating to fixed point devices easy. A configuration for TMS320F2806x, which is a floating point microcontroller, is available in the project to highlight this.