Design Support


The automotive experience demands the tools for manufacturers to create high-quality audio for the vehicle occupants, while also enabling those same occupants to customize audio settings for their desired tastes.

A myriad of audio input sources, including CD/DVD, radio, aux input, streaming music, Bluetooth® audio, navigation, alerts, and other notifications, routed to multiple output playback zones necessitates an audio subsystem tailored for the automotive audio market. TI’s Audio Post Processing Engine (APPE) on Jacinto devices provides a common audio framework for automotive OEMs to enable this user customization, while also allowing Tier 1 providers and OEMs to fine tune their audio for the best possible out-of-the-box user experience. By implementing audio processing algorithms and routing within TI’s C66x Digital Signal Processor (DSP) on Jacinto 6 DRA7x single chip solutions, automakers can reduce hardware system cost and integration complexity. This same audio solution can also be leveraged across multiple operating systems, such as QNX®, Linux®, and Android™. APPE provides real-time controls from the High-Level Operating System (HLOS), allowing customers with limited DSP experience to leverage a large suite of audio algorithms, including dynamic range compression, equalizers, mixers, and volume controls. Automotive manufacturers can also easily add additional algorithms to further differentiate their end platform.