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The Texas Instruments Piccolo™ TMS320F28004x microcontroller (MCU) device series offers an optimal balance between performance and cost for many real-time control systems. This document discusses the technical details of the TMS320F28004x architecture and highlights the new improvements to various key peripherals, such as an enhanced Type-2 CLA capable of running a background task, and the inclusion of a set of high-speed programmable gain amplifiers. Also, a completely new boot mode flow enables expanded booting options. A comparison to the Piccolo TMS320F2806x and TMS320F2803x MCU device series is used to assist with the understanding of the new features. This document may also be useful when considering migration from the TMS320F2806x or TMS320F2803x MCU device series to the TMS320F28004 MCU. Some knowledge about these previous device architectures is helpful in understanding the topics discussed in this document.