Design Support


Recently, there has been a big demand for connectivity in the consumer's and industrial's applications. The requirements and implementations are different, but the common denominator is reliability, robustness, performance and scalability, which permits further growth and development according to the industries' progress.

The WiFi® technology, contrary to the other connectivity solutions, has advanced a few major steps forward and continues advancing to meet the demanding requirements in different implementations. Most of these implementations are standalone and the only communication to the outer world is through wireless connection. Some applications just needs to be aware of a presence of another device, but other implementations will be strictly dependent on the operation of its counterpart device or devices located within the same network. Such neediness requires a high level of precise synchronization between the devices to permit them to operate independently on the one hand, but seamlessly and concurrently on the other hand.

A solution proposed in this document resolves this task by a usage of inherent features of the WiFi technology in addition to the proprietary add-ons.