Design Support


Low Power Wireless Radio as a technology is of great application to many of the products where wireless connectivity is needed. But the world of RF is completely different from the conventional development environment perspective, as the frequencies involved make the testing of such systems more complex. Texas Instruments has a huge portfolio of Low Power Wireless Simple Link solutions catering the frequency band from 169MHz in Sub GHz band thru the 2.4GHz band. Each device in the portfolio has exhaustive reference design data and guidelines on layout of the board around the chip, to make the life of developer easy. The RF performance observed during the application development is attained thru expensive lab equipment (Spectrum analyzers, Network analyzers, etc.) which may not be possible to put in production line, thereby making generating the need to come up with alternative solutions to solve the product quality requirements of the final product. This document covers the guidelines for implementing a high volume production test of products enabled by Low Power Wireless technologies. The requirement to achieve maximum yield with best possible quality generates a requirement to make an inexpensive yet reliable test methodology. This document will also be covering suggestions to make the testing and production automated as much as possible to eliminate the possibility of manual errors.