TI Developer Conference

Texas Instruments Customer Training Events in 2009

In order to provide more convenient training and networking opportunities for our customers, closer to their location, TI will hold over 30 Technology Days worldwide in 2009.  TI Tech Days are 1-2 day training/networking events that bring integrated training on embedded processors, analog and a variety of applications, tailored by location and featuring opportunities for discussion and interaction.  For more information on TI Tech Days, please visit: http://www.ti.com/techdays

Content that was previously only available at TI Developer Conference and MSP430 Advanced Technical Conference will be incorporated into the multiple locations served by TI Tech Days.  As a result the events known as TIDC and ATC will no longer be held moving forward. 

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Questions and Answers:

  1. When will the 2009 training schedule be available?

The schedule for Tech Days and regional events for the first half of 2009 will be available in December of 2008.  One and four day workshop schedules are already posted at www.ti.com/training.

  1. Will each region follow the same tech day format?

No, each Tech Day agenda will be customized to meet the needs of the local market and its customers.  Comprehensive in-person and online training will be available in all regions. 

  1. Are there other opportunities for customer training? 

TI provides customer training online, through distributors, and hands-on workshops through our technical training organization. In addition, short technical video snippets on a variety of applications can be viewed at http://community.ti.com.

  1. I enjoyed seeing products from developer network members at TIDC.  Will I find them at Tech Days?

Yes, developer network members will have the opportunity to exhibit at Tech Days.  Larger locations such as San Jose, Boston, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Seoul etc. will have larger concentrations of solutions from developer network members and design houses.  Check the agendas for lists of attending companies.

  1. I loved the networking at TIDC and ATC.  Will I get to network at Tech Days? 

Absolutely!  Many tech days provide the opportunity to mix and mingle with additional TI technologists.  In addition, technical exhibits, demos and select market customer executive forums allow opportunities to meet and talk.  Also, look for highlighted technologists who will appear in various locations and will be available for individual consultation.  In addition, you can go on-line to discuss designs and get solutions to your questions at our new online forums at http://community.ti.com.

  1. Will there be a Tech Day in San Jose in 2009?

Yes, preparation is underway for a comprehensive, two day, eight track event in San Jose in early April 2009.  This event will be held in conjunction with Embedded Systems 2009.

  1. Is there going to be a Tech Day in Dallas?

Yes, plans are already underway to have a first half 2009 Tech Day in Dallas combining content from high performance analog and embedded processors.