Engineer It - How to manage envelope tracking for 3G, 4G LTE
LTE signals, available in more than 20 distinct bands across the world from various carriers, provide high-speed data transmission that need a high peak-to-average ratio (PAR), and generate higher transmit power, which reduces the efficiency of RF power amplifiers and creates extra heat. The LM3290 and LM3291, which support battery voltages down to 2.5 V, provide high efficiency at higher power output levels and high PAR, while meeting stringent receive band noise requirements in all LTE bands. This Engineer It video focuses on the industry’s most efficient envelope tracking power supply solution to support 3G and 4G LTE multi-mode, multi-band RF power amplifiers used in smartphones and tablets. The new LM3290 step-down converter with integrated DC boost and companion LM3291 linear amplifier enable the use of envelope tracking techniques in RF transmitters to reduce the power amplifier temperature by 20 degrees C and reduce overall power consumption by 25 percent, compared to systems that use average power tracking.
Posted: 03-Jan-2013
Duration: 08:27
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