Experiences optimized on the OMAP platform
High quality, high definition video and imaging, rich and sleek UIs, video conferencing, gaming and computing tasks are just a few of the ways OEMs can differentiate their devices and, their end-user experience. In this short series of demos, we’ll show you how OMAP(tm) technology enables you to deliver these things better than anyone else.
Posted: 12-Jan-2011
Duration: 09:28
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Tags: mobile security, flash, HDR, scalado, netflix, video conferencing, dual os, OMAP 4, streaming video, Mobile Computing, high definition, OMAP 5, convergence, mobile gaming, stonetrip, adobe, ittiam, imaging, e-reader, English, OMAP, omap mobile processor, tablet, Android, e-book, m-shield, omap™ applications processors, ubuntu, smartphone, pathpartner, skype