Live from CES 2013 - Mobile tablet interface
Wes Ray, Systems and Applications Manager for Consumer and Computing Interface products at Texas Instruments, showcases a family of MIPIĀ® DSI bridge chips for tablet computers and other mobile computing products. The SN65DSI85, SN65DSI84 and SN65DSI83 all fit in the same footprint, allowing customers to scale their applications for different LCD screen resolutions. All three bridge chips deliver low power consumption in a 5mm by 5mm BGA package. These bridge chips decode MIPI DSI 18 bpp and 24 bpp RGB color and convert the formatted video data stream to a FlatLinkā„¢ compatible LVDS output at LCD screen resolutions up to 2560 x1600.
Posted: 10-Jan-2013
Duration: 01:02
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