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OMAP Technology CenterOMAP™ Technology Centers (OTCs) provide critical services and development support for handset manufacturers and developers through industry leading hardware, software and system integration expertise. OTCs are scalable resources that manufacturers can use to speed time to market of new handset designs using TI's OMAP Platform and OMAP-Vox™ processors.

The current program offers several OTCs for each major mobile operating system:



Microsoft® Windows Mobile®

Symbian OSTM

Support for Non-Cellular Wireless Technologies

TI also recently announced an extension to the OMAP Technology Center program to ease the development and design of mobile phones that integrate non-cellular wireless technologies. Members of the OTC program can now become authorized to provide their services on top of TI's non-cellular solutions: WiLink™ mobile WLAN, BlueLink™ Bluetooth® single chips and Hollywood™ mobile TV solutions. This extended program facilitates a system-level approach to implementing complex multi-radio mobile devices. The first two OTC members to achieve this designation, Sasken and TapRoot Systems, have extensive experience with TI's OMAP platform in supporting handset manufacturers with the design and development of new mobile devices. Learn More...

For more information on becoming an OMAP Technology Center or if your company is interested in finding an OTC to assist in design or development, please email: