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OMAP3430 Software Development Platform | OMAP3430 Virtual Platform

OMAP3430 Software Development Platform

The OMAP3430 Software Development Platform (SDP) is an easy and cost-effective way to develop, evaluate and test software for next-generation advanced smartphones and converged portable multimedia devices based on the OMAP™ 3 architecture.

Design Resources
Binary Code
OMAP3430 CSST Binary Release - Version 2.5 ** Download
OMAP3430 CSST Binary Release Notes - Version 2.5 Download

** Binary Releases already contain the related release notes.

The OMAP3430 SDP consists of the following board set:

  • OMAP3430 SDP Processor Board
  • OMAP3430 SDP Main Board
  • OMAP3430 SDP Connectivity Board
  • User Interface Board (UI Board)
  • QVGA Display Board
  • Camera Board

The OMAP3430 SDP has four Mobile Connectivity Systems (MCS) module sites identified as MCS A, MCS B, MCS C, and MCS D. These generic MCS module sites accommodate the connectivity for a generic Hard Disk interface, TI Bluetooth/FM (BRF6350), WLAN (TNETW1253), and DTV devices. The MCS modules are not included in the OMAP3430 SDP kit. Contact your FAE for module availability.

The OMAP3430 SDP is also provisioned to support PISMO (Platform Independent Storage Module) connectivity. The PISMO connectivity allows designers to use a variety of memory devices on the development platforms from multiple vendors in a plug-and-play fashion.

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List of Major components:

  • OMAP3430 Processor
  • 128 MB of Mobile DDR-SDRAM Memory (located on the Processor Daughter Card)
  • PISMO 2.0 Memory Interface Connector
    • 64 MB of NOR Flash Memory (located on the PISMO-2 Memory Daughter Card)
    • 128 MB of NAND Flash Memory (located on the PISMO-2 Memory Daughter Card)
    • 128 MB of OneNAND Flash Memory (located on the PISMO-2 Memory Daughter Card)
  • Memory Stick and SD/SDIO/MMC Media Card Cages
  • Audio Codec
  • IrDA Transceiver
  • Serial UART Debug Ports
  • Full and High Speed USB Interface Connectors
  • Debug Interface Connectors
    • Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM)
    • JTAG Connectors
    • Miscellaneous Test and Visibility Connectors
  • User Interface Module (Display Board (LCD), Keypad, and Audio)
  • Parallel Camera

List of External Plug-In Modules (not provided with SDP):

  • CE-ATA Hard Disk
  • Wireless LAN (WLAN)
  • RF Modem (also identified as Wireless Wide Area Network– WWAN)
  • Bluetooth/FM
  • DTV

Board Support Packages

Please contact your TI sales representative for additional information regarding Board Support Packages.

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OMAP3430 Virtual Platform

Synopsys (formerly Virtio) and Texas Instruments have created the VPOM-3430 Virtual Platform for advanced mobile phone video and imaging development. This virtual platform is a high performance software simulator of the OMAP3430 Software Development Platform (SDP3430).

For more information please visit Synopsys's VPOM-3430 Virtual Platform product page.

Availability Disclaimer

This product is intended for high-volume wireless OEMs and ODMs and is not available through distributors. If your company meets this description, please contact your TI sales office.

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