Wireless Connectivity Solutions : DRP™ Technology

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TI's DRP™ technology is a direct response to the dilemma wireless handset manufacturers confront: attracting new users by delivering compelling functionality to all market segments while...fulfilling user demand for less expensive, more power-efficient, smaller and lighter wireless mobile devices.

DRP Technology

How does it work?

DRP technology achieves these seemingly opposite objectives by aggressively integrating handset electronics. TI is applying its digital expertise to the RF analog content of wireless handsets (which often account for up to 40% of the total board real estate). This includes the development of:

  • sampled-data processing techniques
  • digital phase locked-loops
  • switched-capacitor filters
  • oversampling converters
  • digital signal processors
that can assume the functions previously performed by analog amplifiers, filters and mixers.

Instead of a simple (and inefficient) transference of analog blocks into digital technology, DRP technology oversamples analog signals and processes them in the digital domain. The benefits of digital CMOS and deep submicron fabrication are captured.

What are the benefits?

As digital components achieve faster process switching speeds, handset designers can decrease the analog content of their designs. The oversampling rate of analog input signals can be increased, which reduces noise aliasing problems. The design of input networks can be relaxed.

For handset manufacturers, DRP technology delivers many benefits including:

  • Migrating RF processing from the analog to the digital domain enables higher levels of integration in wireless handsets
    • Increased system performance
  • Highly integrated single-die RF and baseband processors reduce design complexity, size, power consumption and cost while enabling greater functionality
    • Smaller bill of materials
    • Smaller form factor to enable small, sleek mobile devices
    • Longer battery life
  • DRP Technology continues to leverage advances in digital CMOS fabrication to smaller submicron process nodes
  • Increased digital content simplifies testing procedures and increases manufacturing yields
BlueLink Solution NaviLink Solution

Where do I find it?

TI's DRP architecture has been successfully integrated into a number of single-chip solutions for wireless handsets. Currently announced and sampling:

Technology Solution
Bluetooth® BRF6100
BlueLink™ 5.0 Platform (BRF6300)
BlueLink™ 6.0 Platform (BRF6350)
BlueLink™ 7.0 Platform (BL6450)
GPS NaviLink™ 4.0 Solution (GPS5300)
NaviLink™ 5.0 Solution (NL5350)
Mobile DTV Hollywood™ Solution (DTV1000/1001)
Mobile Phones TCS2300: LoCosto GSM
TCS2310: LoCosto GPRS
TCS2305: LoCosto GSM
TCS2315: LoCosto GPRS
OMAPV1035: OMAP-Vox™ Processor (GSM/GPRS/EDGE)
mWLAN WiLink™ 4.0 Solutions (WL1251 for 802.11b/g and WL1253 for 802.11a/b/g)
WiLink™ 5.0 mWLAN, Bluetooth and FM modules (WL1251/WL1253 and BRF6300/BRF6350)
WiLink™ 6.0 mWLAN, Bluetooth and FM single chips (WL1271/WL1273)