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OMAPV1030 GSM/GPRS/EDGE Chipset - Availability Disclaimer

TI offers one of the industry's most integrated and optimized EDGE solutions, the OMAPV1030. The baseband processor design expands on TI's proven GSM/GPRS technology and leverages TI's advanced high-volume 90nm digital process technology. As the first product on TI's new OMAP-Vox™ wireless platform, the OMAPV1030 enables handset manufacturers to reduce costs and speed time to market.

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The OMAPV1030 processor is based on the OMAP1710 architecture and runs both GSM/GPRS/EDGE modem and applications processing on a single OMAP™ core, to ensure a high-quality, multimedia mobile experience. The combination of the ARM926TEJ and TI DSP is used to improve performance while reducing costs and power consumption, resulting in longer battery life and usage times for consumers. Because all OMAP-Vox™ solutions share a common software platform, this solution maximizes software re-use to bring overall development costs down and provides a natural and affordable roadmap from GSM/GPRS/EDGE and UMTS.

TI offers integrated application suites to reduce development time and improve time to market.
Integrated Applications Suites Learn More


Specifically designed to bring multimedia functionality to mass market mobile phones, the OMAPV1030 solution delivers advanced capabilities to mid-range wireless handsets, such as:

  • digital camera with 2-megapixel still images
  • video capture, playback, and streaming at 30 frames per second (QCIF format) and 15 frames per second (CIF format)
  • digital audio such as MP3 and other audio formats
  • two color LCD screens up to QVGA in size
  • 2D and 3D gaming
  • 64 polyphonic MIDI ringtones
  • hardware-based security

Key Benefits

  • Integrated modem and applications processing on a single core
  • Reduced bill of materials
  • Support for Nucleus™ and embedded Linux®-based applications suites (as well as Java acceleration support)
  • Ability to support high-level operating systems such as Windows Mobile™ software and Symbian OS™ software
  • Improved performance while reducing costs and power consumption
  • Embedded security via hardware accelerators supporting terminal security, transactions security, and content security - without the latencies and risks associated with software-only solutions
  • Access to the OMAP™ Platform Ecosystem including software developers, system integrators, and development tool providers

OMAPV1030 includes a full range of connectivity options, supporting interfaces including Bluetooth®, Wireless LAN and assisted GPS (A-GPS).

OMAP-Vox™ Solutions

Built on TI's successful OMAP™ processor technology, the OMAP-Vox™ family of solutions merges both modem and applications functionality onto the existing OMAP architecture. Additionally, these solutions share a common software platform that can be re-used for a variety of growing market requirements, thus saving manufacturers years of software design effort and bringing overall development costs down.

Learn more about the OMAP-Vox family of solutions.

Availability Disclaimer

OMAPâ„¢ processors feature multicore ARM Cortex-A series designs and are intended for high-volume manufacturers, and are available by contacting TI sales offices. OMAP processor-based modules and design support for other customers may be available through authorized TI Design Network members.

OMAP is a trademark of Texas Instruments. Other product or service names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.

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