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TI is committed to supporting and engaging in open source activities. TI has a strong history of delivering Linux solutions and has been developing Linux board support packages (BSPs) for more than 5 years. In addition, TI also participates in a number of open source industry initiatives such as the Open Handset Alliance, ARM’s Mobile Linux Initiative, The Linux Foundation, Eclipse and Helix, among others. Support for these initiatives is another example of TI’s ability to deliver leading software solutions for all major HLOSs and advance our activity in the mobile Linux community.

This site is a central resource for developers working on OMAP processors and Linux software. Use this site for mailing lists, sample code, documentation, and other resources.

Additional Open Source resources

The Zoom Mobile Development Kit is broadly available from our distributors now via www.logicpd.com. This low-cost, realistic development platform is geared towards mobile phone-based applications and is based on TI’s OMAP3430 processor. Software, documentation, and forums for this platform are available from the OMAPZoom.org community.

For additional information and resources on TI's open source initiatives, please visit opensource.ti.com.

OMAPTI´s OMAP™ Platform is comprised of high-performance, power efficient processors, a robust software infrastructure and comprehensive support network for the rapid development of differentiated internet appliances, 2.5G and 3G wireless handsets and PDAs, and other portable data terminals.

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