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Linux® Community for OMAP™ Processors: Community Information

Development Communities for OMAP Processors

There are several communities available to software developers who are working with various TI hardware platforms.  Please visit these sites to find the latest forums, wikis and software downloads.

OMAP™ 3 Communities


OMAPZoom.org is the collaborative development site supporting the OMAPZoom Mobile Development Kit. Visit this site to find the latest Linux kernels, multimedia libraries, and forums for TI's OMAP Zoom and OMAP34xx products designed for the mobile handheld market.


Beagle Board is an ultra-low cost, high performance, low power OMAP3 based platform designed by BeagleBoard.org community members and sold by Digi-Key.

Mailing List

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Linux-omap - Linux on ARM based TI OMAP SoCs Mailing List Archive


Other Linux Community Links

If you are using a hardware platform that has an active community, such as the BeagleBoard or OMAP Zoom MDK, please visit the community sites to find the most up to date information, forums and software releases. For other platforms, including OMAP 2 and OMAP 1 based devices, the following communities and projects are also valuable resources.



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