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IC Offerings in Ceramic, Plastic, and Known Good Die

Texas Instruments HiRel provides a complete portfolio of standard catalog semiconductor ICs for extreme temperature operation. These components form a complete signal chain roadmap for High Temperature industrial and aerospace electronics applications.

To meet the demands of the high temperature electronics market, TI’s High Temperature (HT) line of parts can support applications from the down hole tools that find and extract oil and gas to heavy industrial processing that acquire sensor data and provide actuation in the worlds harshest environments.

TI HT devices eliminate the need for upscreening standard industrial and military temperature parts, by providing extensively qualified components rated for greater than 175°C operation.

TI offers 3 types of packages to support different application and size requirements of high temperature electronics:

TI High Temperature (HT) ceramic and KGD parts are characterized to +210°C, operate in an extended temperature range of -55°C to 210°C, and have a high temperature operating life of 1000 hours. The portfolio is tailored to offer robust support for High Temperature Electronics in harsh environments including downhole drilling, geothermal drilling, aerospace, heavy industrial, and automotive.

With the increased need for oil and gas in deeper wells, the temperature requirements for electronics will increase to requiring detailed signal conditioning, data capture, and processing in applications like measurement while drilling (MWD) or logging while drilling (LWD). Rugged packaging requirements are supported with the availability of surface mount ceramic and Known Good Die (KGD) options available for each product.

For HT analog sample requests, please send requirements to htsamples@list.ti.com.

  • Complete High-Temp (HT) signal-chain solutions for harsh environments
  • System-level understanding driving HT device specifications
  • Standard HT products offer:
    • -55°C to +210°C operation
    • 210°C Life-Testing
    • Full characterization over full temperature range
    • KGD and Ceramic/Plastic packages
  • Highly optimized die solutions with design and process enhancements to maximize performance over extended temperatures


  • Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
  • Under sea cabling
  • Heavy industrial sensors
  • Medical
  • Jet engine sensors

Key features:
  • Extreme temperature operation
  • Ceramic packaging
  • Known Good Die (KGD) offerings
  • Up-front device feasibility evaluation
    • Temperature Performance
    • Silicon Reliability
    • Package Reliability
  • Broad Product Portfolio
    • DSP
    • Power Management
    • Amplifiers
    • Data Converters
    • Logic
    • Interface/communications
  • Custom solutions
           Key benefits:
  • Single point of contact for all TI products
  • Wide variety of processing options available with custom flows up to QML Class V level
  • Baseline control and separate datasheets
  • Multiple packaging options
    • Ceramic
    • Die
    • Plastic
    • Pb solutions

TI HiRel is rapidly expanding our High Temperature portfolio and we are always interested in inputs from customers for new products. Please send your requests for new TI parts that you would like to see added to our 175°C and 210°C product lines.

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TI's new SM320F28335-HT is:

Guaranteed for temperatures –55°C to 210°C, has high performance at 100 MHz and is available in ceramic and die options. Order samples today!

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High- Temperature Guide

TI's High- Temperature Guide offers solutions operating outside standard temperature ranges.