Ethernet retimers, redrivers, repeaters & mux buffers

Extend reach and distribute 10/40/100GbE signals

Ethernet retimers

Extend reach, eliminate jitter & crosstalk by supporting 30+ inches of FR-4 or 8+ meters of copper cable. Integrated features include: Single-supply voltage, referenceless CDR, built-in eye monitoring & PRBS generator/checker, easy to configure

Ethernet repeaters & mux buffers

Extend your signal reach due to input and output equalization supporting 30+ inches of FR-4 or 8+ meters of copper cable. Half the power and double the speed of competitive solutions, and transparent multi-protocol support allows ease of use

Featured products


4 channel advanced retimer for 100 GbE


8 channel linear repeater for 100GbE


8 channel advanced retimer for 100GbE and higher

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