SerDes/Channel-Link Overview

Enabling high-speed, long distance, low EMI data transmission

Channel-Link/LVDS SerDes

Enables multi-year operation on a coin cell battery with wireless connectivity.

Channel-Link II SerDes

Further reduce number of cables by embedding clock onto data lines, taking serialized LVDS output from 4 cables down to 2 cables

Channel-Link III SerDes

Ultimate serialization of data by embedding both clock and control onto data lines, enabling high speed long distance data transfer on a single twisted pair (STP) cable

Display Bridge SerDes

Devices to bridge between CSI, DSI, DVI, LVDS and eDP video and display interfaces, supporting resolutions up to 2K. Automotive-grade devices also available.

Telecom SerDes

Family of multi Gigabit transceivers for high speed bidirectional point to point data transmission systems supporting CPRI, OBSAI, and 10GbE protocols.

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Featured products

Device Description
DS92LX2121 10 - 50 MHz DC-Balanced Channel Link III Bi-Directional Control Serializer
DS92LX2122 10 - 50 MHz DC-Balanced Channel Link III Bi-Directional Control Deserializer
DS92LV2421 10 to 75 MHz, 24-bit Channel-Link II Serializer
DS92LV2422 10 to 75 MHz, 24-bit Channel-Link II Deserializer
SN75LVDS83B 10-135 MHz 28-bit LVDS Transmitter/Serializer

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