SerDes/Channel-Link Overview

Enabling high-speed, long distance, low EMI data transmission

Channel-Link/LVDS SerDes

Enables multi-year operation on a coin cell battery with wireless connectivity.

Channel-Link II SerDes

Further reduce number of cables by embedding clock onto data lines, taking serialized LVDS output from 4 cables down to 2 cables

Channel-Link III SerDes

Ultimate serialization of data by embedding both clock and control onto data lines, enabling high speed long distance data transfer on a single twisted pair (STP) cable

Display Bridge SerDes

Devices to bridge between CSI, DSI, DVI, LVDS and eDP video and display interfaces, supporting resolutions up to 2K. Automotive-grade devices also available.

Telecom SerDes

Family of multi Gigabit transceivers for high speed bidirectional point to point data transmission systems supporting CPRI, OBSAI, and 10GbE protocols.

Featured products

DS92LX2121 10 - 50 MHz DC-Balanced Channel Link III Bi-Directional Control Serializer
DS92LX2122 10 - 50 MHz DC-Balanced Channel Link III Bi-Directional Control Deserializer
DS92LV2421 10 to 75 MHz, 24-bit Channel-Link II Serializer
DS92LV2422 10 to 75 MHz, 24-bit Channel-Link II Deserializer
SN75LVDS83B 10-135 MHz 28-bit LVDS Transmitter/Serializer

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