PCIe/SAS/SATA overview

Signal conditioners to extend reach in data center and server applications

PCIe retimers & redrivers

Single, dual- and multi-channel devices used to enhance signal quality and distribution for cost and power-optimized designs.

PCIe PHYs & PCI bridges/packet switches

Established PCIe-compliant devices enable communication between new and preexisting platforms.

PCI-to-CardBus controllers

Standalone and integrated solutions used to bridge communication between PCI and CardBus standards.

PCIe signal switches

PCIe compatible passive FET switches with ultra-low skew and propagation delay.

SAS/SATA repeaters & mux buffers

Low power, long reach, and multiple channel count repeater and mux options supporting SAS/SATA.

Featured products


Low-power 12-Gbps 8-channel linear repeater with equalization


Low-power 8-Gbps 8-channel linear repeater with equalization


Two-channel 8-Gbps SATA Express redriver

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