SDI Overview

Flexible 4K UHD video interface solutions distribute video over SDI and IP networks

Dual protocol, dual media support

Single chip solution supports SDI and 10GbE based video transport over coax or fiber media.

Easy upgrade path from 3G to 12G

Pin compatible portfolio simplifies transition from 3G SDI to 12G SDI.

Bidirectional I/O

Configurable as receive equalizer or transmit driver to enable design reuse, dynamic port provisioning.

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SDI Interface
Video Over IP Interface
Clock & Timing
Max Speed / Family
SDI Equalizer
SDI Reclocker
SDI Cable Driver
Config I/O
Video Timing
12G/6G/3G/HD/SD/10GbE LMH1219 (Cable Equalizer with Reclocker, 12G-SDI and 10GbE) LMH1208 (Dual O/P Cable Driver) LMH1297 (Bidirectional I/O with Reclocker) DS250DF410 LMH1983
LMH1228 (Dual O/P Cable Driver with Reclocker)
LMH1218 (Cable Driver with Reclocker, 12G-SDI and 10GbE) DS250DF810 LMK61E2
LMH1226 LMK03328
3G/HD/SD LMH0324 LMH0318 (Cable Driver with Reclocker) LMH0340 LMH0341 LMH0397 (Bidirectional I/O with Reclocker) DS100DF410
LMH0395 LMH0356 LMH0303 LMH0387 DS25CP102 DS125DF1610 LMH1982
LMH0344 LMH0346 LMH0302 DS25CP104A DP83867 LMH1981

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