Serial digital interface (SDI) – Design & development

OEM module for 12G SDI and IP video connectivity & processing

UHD gearbox, media gateway and DA reference design

FMC reference design

FPGA FMC development module with 12G SDI and IP interfaces supporting 4Kp60


12G bidirectional I/O with reclocker and integrated return loss network evaluation module


Evaluation module for LMH1219 low-power dual-output UHD adaptive cable equalizer with integrated reclocker


A complete high-bandwidth platform to evaluate the SDI, UHD and 10-GbE signal conditioning features of the LMH1218


3G distribution amplifier reference design supporting LMH0324 and LMH0318

Featured reference designs


Evaluation module for the LMH1219 low-power dual output UHD adaptive cable equalizer with integrated reclocker

12-Gbps SDI & video over IP repeater with reclocking function

Equalizer, reclocker and cable driver supporting SDI and 10-GbE video over IP signals for coax and optical cables that supports the LMH1219 and LMH1218.

3G SDI repeater with reclocking function

SDI repeater and signal conditioning solution for 3G SDI applications that supports LMH0324 and LMH0318.

Video sync, clock generation & distribution

Video clock sub-system designed to perform video sync separation and derives video clocks that supports LMH1981 and LMH1983.