USB Type-CTM & Power Delivery Overview

Industry's most complete portfolio of USB Type-C & Power Delivery products

TI’s extensive USB Type-C portfolio offers the flexibility and integration required to design and implement products compatible with the latest standards. Simplify your design process and quickly transition to USB Type-C with our unmatched design resources and technical expertise.

USB Type-C controllers

TI’s USB Type-C Controllers enable up to 15W of power along with the reversible plug orientation and cable direction USB Type-C offers.

USB PD controllers

TI’s PD controllers fully integrate the power path enabling up to 100W of power with Alternate Modes such as Display Port Video and Thunderbolt.

Redrivers and switches

TI's signal conditioners and switches enable stronger signal integrity and efficient routing for USB Type-C data and video up to 10Gbps.

Power path protection

TI’s Power Path Protection strengthens port robustness with devices that offer 20V short-to-VBus and IEC 61000-4-2 ESD protection.

Learn and design

Get to market quicker with our unmatched technical resources, and proven, tested reference designs. 

Getting Started

Access our library of USB Type C and PD technical content and whitepapers, relevant blogs, recent videos and E2E forums.

Reference Designs

Get started with a USB Type C and PD design for your personal electronics, automotive, or industrial applications.

Training videos

Watch on-demand training on a variety of USB Power Delivery and signal conditioning topics.

Companion products

Use industry-leading DC/DC solutions from TI to complete your USB Type-C and Power Delivery design with optimal performance.

With more than 30 years of power supply expertise, TI has a breadth of Offline AC/DC products enabling you to design power dense USB Type-C adapters.

For high current USB Type-C VBUS protection, TI provides external Power MOSFETs, including single FETs, dual common-drain, and dual common-source configurations.