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Tool/Software Type
Product Group
-48V Telecom Current/Voltage/Power Sense with Isolation TIDA-00313 TI Designs Isolated I2C
18-bit, 2-Msps Isolated Data Acquisition Reference Design to Achieve Maximum SNR and Sampling Rate TIDA-00732 TI Designs Isolated I2C
20-bit Isolated Data Acquisition Reference Design Optimizing Jitter for Max SNR and Sample Rate TIDA-01035 TI Designs Isolated I2C
20-bit, 1-MSPS Isolator Optimized Data Acquisition Reference Design Maximizing SNR and Sample Rate TIDA-01037 TI Designs Isolated I2C
Capacitive touch communications isolation board CAPTIVATE-ISO Evaluation Modules & Boards Isolated I2C
Communication Module Reference Design for Functional Isolated RS-485, CAN and I2C Data Transmission TIDA-01281 TI Designs Isolated I2C
Digitally Isolated 2-Channel, Wide DC Binary Input Module Reference Design TIDA-00420 TI Designs Isolated I2C
EEPROM Programming Tool Reference Design TIDA-01373 TI Designs Isolated I2C
EMC Compliant, Group Isolated, 2-Channel Binary Input Module for Wide AC/DC Input Reference Design TIDA-00809 TI Designs Isolated I2C
IEEE 802.3bt ready PSE daughter card for 24-port PSE system TPS23881EVM-083 Evaluation Modules & Boards Isolated I2C
Industrial Battery Management Module for 20S Applications Reference Design TIDA-01093 TI Designs Isolated I2C
ISO154xEVM Evaluation Module ISO154XEVM Evaluation Modules & Boards Isolated I2C
Isolated power architecture reference design for communication and analog input/output modules TIDA-00300 TI Designs Isolated I2C
Isolation Adapter for MSP LaunchPad Development Kits MSP-ISO Evaluation Modules & Boards Isolated I2C
Temperature Sensor Interface Module for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) TIDA-00018 TI Designs Isolated I2C
TPS23523 Evaluation Module for High Powered Negative Voltage Applications TPS23523EVM-863 Evaluation Modules & Boards Isolated I2C
Type 2 PoE PSE, 6kV Lightning Surge Reference Design TIDA-01411 TI Designs Isolated I2C


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