온도 스위치

Smart sensors for autonomous thermal measurement and protection

TI는 공장 초기화에서 핀 또는 저항 호환에 이르는 프로그래밍 가능한 옵션을 갖춘 다양한 온도 스위치를 제공합니다. 이처럼 작고 정확한 온도 스위치로 열 보호와 모니터링을 구현할 수 있습니다.

온도 스위치

Temperature switches are smart sensors that autonomously make decisions providing real-time thermal protection without interrupting the control processing system.

  • Programmable temperature threshold
  • Integrated hysteresis for enhanced noise immunity

주요 온도 스위치


The TMP303 is a temperature range monitors that offers design flexibility through an extra small footprint (SOT-563), low power (5 µA maximum) and low supply voltage capability (as low as 1.4 V).


The TMP302 is a temperature switch in a micropackage (SOT563). The TMP302 offers low power (15-µA maximum) and ease-of-use through pin-selectable trip points and hysteresis.


The TMP708 is a fully-integrated, resistor- programmable temperature switch with a temperature threshold that is set by just one external resistor within the entire operating range.


The LM57 device is a precision, dual-output, temperature switch with analog temperature sensor output for a wide range of industrial temperature sensing applications.