Specialty Logic

Solutions to complete your design

Select from many types of specialty logic including monostable multivibrators, which are pulse-generating devices that, when triggered, output a pulse width dependent upon the resistor and capacitor values tied to specific pins. Counters have parallel outputs that move according to the input clock signal. Encoders/decoders are used to multiplex or demultiplex a digital signal while providing extra current drive and signal cleanup. Digital comparators take binary word or byte inputs and test if the two binary numbers are equal.

Monostable multivibrator

  • > 40 monostable multivibrators
  • Single retriggerable with Schmitt-Trigger inputs
  • Dual retriggerable with reset
  • Dual retriggerable with Schmitt-Trigger inputs

Counter / arithmetic / parity

  • > 240 counter/arithmetic/parity functions
  • Counters/dividers with 1-of-10 decoded outputs
  • 14-stage ripple-carry counters/dividers
  • Divide by 2, divide by 5


  • > 325 decoder/encoders
  • BCD to 7-segment decoders/drivers
  • 4 to 16-line
  • BCD to 7-segment latches/decoders/drivers
  • 3 to 8-line inverting
  • Single 2-to-1 line

Digital comparator

  • > 35 digital comparators
  • 4-bit magnitude
  • 8-bit identity (P = Q) with enable
  • 8-bit magnitude (P = Q, P > Q)
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