Application Specific Voltage Translation

Level-shifting solutions for today's signal standards

Texas Instruments' extensive voltage translation portfolio includes application specific translators optimized for voltage level-shifting with today's signal standards including SD cards, SIM cards, IC-USBs, CF Cards and Audio Codecs.

SD card

  • SD Card expander
  • Voltage translation
  • Direction controlled
  • Auto direction sensing
  • Integrated LDO

SIM card

  • Single and dual SIM translation
  • Single and dual LDO
  • I2C and GPIO controlled

Smart card

  • Smart card interface IC
  • 1 user card + 3 SAMS


  • Inter-chip USB translation
  • 2-bit

CF card

  • CF card translation
  • Direction controlled

Audio codec

  • AC97 translation
  • Direction controlled
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