Voltage level translation

Resolve I/O voltage difference with level shifter ICs

Browse our portfolio of voltage translators / level shifters, including general purpose direction, auto bidirectional and unidirectional level shifters.

Auto bidirectional

Automatic direction sensing for two-way level translation applications.


Up or down translation in push-pull and 3-state output configurations.

Voltage translating gates

Voltage translation with integrated logic functionality.

GTL/TTL/BTL/ECL transceiver/translator

Voltage Translation for standard bus and backplane applications.

Application specific

Voltage translation for standard interfaces such as SPI, SDIO, I2C, and others.

Support & training

Voltage translation selection guide

Get help with the different voltage translation families and which to choose for your design

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to a comprehensive list of common questions related to logic and translation devices.

The Logic Minute video training

Watch tutorials on both fundamentals and complex logic concepts that are made easy to understand in just a couple of minutes.

Introducing new translation series


1-bit low-voltage direction controlled level translator with tri-State capable outputs


8-bit low voltage direction controlled level translator with tri-State outputs


A single-bit buffered voltage signal converter that uses two separate configurable power-supply rails to up or down translate a unidirectional signal.