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Career Development

The global village is here. We live in a world where epochal developments are transforming everyday life.

What was unheard of yesterday is becoming common-place today

There are a handful of multinationals in India who are spearheading this change. Texas Instruments is one of them. TI India offers tremendous scope for career advancement. For candidates with initiative, talent, integrity, innovative spirit and flexibility.


It is not just what you have done and what you know that TI India looks for, but who you are, how you think and what you are able to do, which are just as important.

At TI India we recognize the intensity of individual aspirations and the organization's role in ensuring a supportive work environment that encourages TII'ers to live their dreams.

Growth can happen in two trajectories – you can either choose to grow on a managerial path or deep dive into technical domains. The organizational hierarchy is essentially flat with roles and job positions that permit appropriate levels of autonomy and responsibility in a challenging workplace.

Growing to be a manager

New entrants have an option of embarking on a career that begins at an engineering/developer position and moves on to roles of greater tech complexity. This foundation-building in turn grooms the individual for future roles and prepares him/her for a leadership role – from leading a team at a tactical level to managing a project to roles that require more strategic and holistic management of an entire vertical organization.

The technical ladder

For the deep-dive techies, the technical ladder at TI India is not just unique in its conception and implementation but is a powerful endorsement of the organization's intent of rewarding and recognizing visionary technical leadership.

The technical ladder has levels that parallel the management ladder. Its role is to grow shareholder value through exceptional market-leading technical contributions and develop top technical talent for TI. The unique election process through councils and committees, well-outlined parameters for evaluation and a clear hierarchy of job titles is proof of TI India's commitment to the technical ladder. This ladder provides employees not just any alternate career path but one that meets and surpasses an individual's career expectations in terms of technical growth and recognition.

The rigors of the selection process not withstanding, employees are recognized not just through job titles or formal organizational announcements, awards and compensation; but by supporting them with a mentoring and development process, encouragement and participation in various technical forums as well as the most potent of them all–peer recognition!

Experienced hires are also encouraged through a unique New Hire Technical Ladder Election process where the focus is to evaluate an applicant's past technical contribution and his / her roles on technical ladders in previous organizations, which serve as recognition of previous technical achievements. A champion who ensures the integrity of the process by comparing the new hire candidate with current technical ladder peers and plays the role of guiding the new hire candidate through the rigorous process is identified. On successful completion, the new hire is inducted into the appropriate levels into the TI India technical ladder!

Whichever career path you choose, TI India supports you with the conviction that you know what's best for you and encourages you to ensure that every step you take impacts business positively and contributes to organization growth and leadership.

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Turning ideas and dreams into groundbreaking innovations is what made TI a leader in the chip design arena. Naturally, the focus of training at TI India is not only ongoing it is also holistic in nature.

Training is provided in all the following categories, and each training program can be customized to the needs of a group of employees.

  • Business and customer
  • Engineering
  • Leadership and management
  • Quality
  • Personal growth
  • Product training
  • Project and program management

Training is imparted through various delivery methods such as:

  • Instructor-led
  • Webcast
  • Video
  • elearning

elearning at TI India

TI worldwide offers numerous e-learning training courses through its internal website. Each course is designed by experts from respective functional areas and offers ease of learning at a keystroke, at one's workstation. The functionality of this worldwide resource is consistent with TI India's HR goal of taking HR to the doorstep of the organization, the workgroup and each individual.

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Performance Management

TI India believes in a strong performance ethic, hence performance management is one of the key focus areas for leaders and employees alike. Regular goal setting, feedback and review sessions are conducted to track performance. Training programs on how to conduct DPM (Development and Performance Management) sessions are also conducted to train managers and supervisors on understanding the finer aspects of TI India's approach to performance management.

A PeopleSoft™ application customized to the requirements of TI India is used to aid in performance management. This tool facilitates the following:

  • Setting Key Result Areas for an upcoming review period.
  • Understanding and reviewing accomplishments against the Key Result Areas set during previous review periods.
  • Creating an individual development plan (IDP) and setting up objectives and activities under this. The tool allows for setting automated reminders which are sent via email to the concerned TII'er.
  • The tool also allows an employee to capture 360 degree feedback from various stakeholders (customers, peers, supervisors etc.) on his/her strengths and weaknesses, based on which an employee can further refine his/her development plan.
  • Career goals, both long-term and short-term can be captured through this application.
  • The tool also enables the manager/supervisor to document comments and notes for future review.

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Other Benefits

Care for the employee

At TI India, we believe in extending employee care over and beyond the normal compensation package. Some of the employee care benefits are listed below:

  • Health insurance plan
    A comprehensive hospitalization coverage for the self and family along with dependent parents.
  • Child care facility
    A reliable, hygienic and dependable child care facility is made available close to the premises.
  • Global travel insurance program
    All TII'ers worldwide are covered under TI's Business Travel Accident coverage policy.
  • Concierge services onsite
    A one-stop shop for all your chores and errands to ease the time pressure of your busy schedule.
  • Education assistance program
    TI India provides tuition assistance to encourage TII'ers to continue their formal education as part of their professional development.
  • Shop @ a mouse click
    Employees can do their shopping online in TI on discounted rates.

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