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Products for Current Sensing

TI's family of current shunt monitors (also called current sense amplifiers) includes both analog output and digital output devices. Current shunts are designed to monitor the current flow by measuring the voltage drop across a resistor placed in the current path. Current sense amps integrate precisely matched gain resistors to maximize the accuracy of the measurement. TI's current shunt portfolio includes devices that can be used in high-side or low-side applications and support common mode voltages as high as +80V and as low as -22V. Current shunt monitors tend to be easier to design, more precise, less prone to noise and lower cost than magnetic current sensors.

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Current Shunt Monitors
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INA225 : 36-V Programmable-Gain, Voltage-Output, Bidirectional Zero-Drift Series Current-Shunt Monitor

INA300 : High or Low Side, Bi-Directional Current Sense Comparator

LMP92064 : Precision, Low-Side, 125kSps Simultaneous Sampling, Current Sensor and Voltage Monitor with SPI

Technical Documents   

  • Step-Down Converter with Cable Voltage Drop Compensation (slva657.HTM, 8 KB)
    26 Jun 2014 Abstract
  • System telemetry: What, why and how? (slyt571.PDF, 114 KB)
    11 Apr 2014 Download