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What is haptics?

Haptics, by definition, refers to the sense of touch and is a technology that adds tactile feedback to electronic devices through the use of vibrations. This touch-based technology has existed for decades and has become extremely popular in handheld, portable and touch-screen enabled consumer, industrial and automotive electronic devices. The vibrations produced by these devices provide a new, deeply enhanced user experience and unparalleled value. For more information about haptic technology and TI’s haptic solutions, click the Getting Started tab above.

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Featured haptic drivers

Piezo Haptic Drivers
Highest performance haptics solutions. Piezo drivers allow precision actuation for high-definition haptics with fastest response time and largest bandwidth.

Motor Haptic Drivers
Cost effective haptics solutions with good performance. Smart Loop architecture enables overdrive & braking as well as auto resonance.

Haptic design support

Visit the Haptic Forum on TI’s E2E Community to search for solutions, get help, share knowledge and solve problems with fellow engineers and TI experts.

Haptic driver videos

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