without compromise

Get the speed, low power and flexibility you need

Low-time-to-response starting at 700ps and with support for various output types

Power efficiency for all applications, including battery systems, with very low maximum consumption of 150nA

Robust, high-voltage and fast-response-time comparators from 0.9V to 36V

Compatibility for all systems, including support for open drain, push-pull, open collector and more

Designed for hysteresis, integrated voltage reference, alternate pinout and more

Featured products

LMV761 comparator


Highest-precision-over-​temperature comparator, low bias current with shutdown and AEC-Q100 options

LMH7322 comparator


Highest speed comparator with adjustable hysteresis and RSPECL output

TLV3691 comparator


Lowest power, smallest size, lowest supply comparator

TI offers a variety of comparators with wide supply ranges, from 2V to 36V, and low supply currents for low-power operation. These features, along with fast rise and fall times, make TI comparators an excellent choice for a wide variety of industrial and commercial uses. We also provide industry-leading comparator technical support with TI Designs reference designs, TI E2E™ Community support forums, product selection tools and robust technical content.