Maximize your system with
current sense amplifiers

Current and power measurement for real-time system protection, feedback control and high-accuracy system monitoring

Analog Output

Integrate the full analog signal processing and provide a voltage or current output

Integrated comparator

Provides a simple ALERT signal when the load current exceeds a threshold

Power / Current Monitors

Integrate the full signal conditioning path and utilize a standard 2-wire digital interface

Integrated Shunt

Offers a low-drift, precision integrated sense element

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TI TechNotes

TI Tech Notes

Browse current and power measurement use cases

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Online training series

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Current sense amplifiers guide

Current sense amplifier guide

Featured TI Designs reference designs and current sense amplifier products

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Featured TI Designs reference designs


Solar MPPT Charge Controller

20A MPPT solar charge controller created for solar panel inputs corresponding to 12V and 24V panels

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Automotive USB Charger with Linear Droop Compensation Reference Design

Provides detailed data for evaluating and verifying a USB charger

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-48V Telecom Current/Voltage/Power Sense with Isolation

Ability to report current, voltage and power on a bus that carries -48V

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Leakage Current Measurement Reference Design for Determining Insulation Resistance

A reference solution to measure Insulation Resistance up to 100MΩ

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24W Boost and Boost-to-Battery Reference Design for Automotive LED Lighting

24W, high-efficiency (94%), low cost, Asynchronous boost design for automotive LED applications

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TI TechNotes

Browse current and power measurement use cases. Each TI TechNote includes problem analysis, implementation options and related products.

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Design Considerations for Dual DRV425 Bus Bar Applications
An overview of the system level design considerations to consider for a dual DRV425 bus bar application.
Current Mode Control in Switching Power Supplies
A review of the current measurement tradeoffs in multiple methods for controlling switching power supplies
Precision Brightness and Color Mixing in LED Lighting Using Discrete Current Sense Amplifiers
A functional overview on the benefits measuring current brings multiple approaches to LED control systems
Low-Side Current Sense Circuit Integration
An overview of discrete vs. integrated current sense solutions highlighting the advantages of integration
External Current Sense Amplifiers vs. Integrated On-Board Amplifiers For Current Sensing
A review of the differences between dedicated current sensing amplifier and integrated current sensing on complex function devices
Safety and Protection for Discrete Digital Outputs in a PLC System using Current Sense Amplifiers
An overview on safety and protection of PLC digital I/O modules from damage due to excessive current surges from the Power Supply
Power and Energy Monitoring with Digital Current Sensors
A review of the benefits a dedicated power and energy monitor offers in offloading processor monitoring tasks
Power Gating Systems with Magnetic Sensors
An overview of how magnetic sensors can be used to power gate systems with non-contact movement
Current Sensing in an H-Bridge
An overview of benefits for the most common locations current sensing is measured in an H-Bridge
Switching Power Supply Current Measurements
A review of the tradeoffs and benefits for the multiple locations current can be measured in a switching power supply
Integrated, Current Sensing Analog-to-Digital Converter
Current and power monitoring using an improved, integrated current sensing specific analog-to-digital converter
High-Side Drive, High-Side Solenoid Monitor With PWM Rejections
A functional use case highlighting the improvements measuring current offers in solenoid control
LMP8278Q-Q1, INA240
Monitoring Current for Multiple Out-of-Range Conditions
A functional use case outlining solutions to identify and handle multiple failure conditions in a system
INA302, INA303
Precision, Low-Side Current Measurement
A review of the tradeoffs and advantages of current sense amplifiers in a low-side current measurements
INA199, INA210
Integrating the Current Sensing Resistor
An overview on layout, accuracy and stability improvements when integrating the current sense resistor
Bi-Directional, Low-Side Phase Current Sensing with Integrated Over-Current Detection
A functional use case illustrating configurations for motor protection using low-side current sensing
Low-Drift, Precision, In-Line Motor Current Measurements With Enhanced PWM Rejection
A functional use case, targeted at motor applications, that outlines a range of solutions for measuring in-line phase current
LMP8601, INA240
Low-Drift, Low-Side Current Measurements for Three Phase Systems
A functional use case outlining possible configurations for measuring a motor's phase current, with a focus on low-side implementations
Measuring Current To Detect Out-of-Range Conditions
An overview of the reasons and benefits of having overcurrent protection as part of any system
INA300, INA301
Precision Current Measurements on High Voltage Power Supply Rails
A review of the benefits of using a current sensing amplifier to measure on the high-side of the shunt resistor
High-Side Motor Current Monitoring for Over-Current Protection
Current monitoring of the DC-Link supply rail for lower complexity motor design
Integrating the Current Sensing Signal Path
Understanding the benefits and trade-offs for the different types of current measurement approaches
INA210, INA226

TI's current sense amplifiers provide high-precision, low-cost current measurement and power measurement by amplifying the differential voltage drop across a shunt resistor from mA to 100s A. Current sense amplifiers, also called current shunt monitors, are specialized differential amplifiers with a precisely matched resistive gain network. Current sense amplifiers are used in systems to provide real-time overcurrent protection (OCP), monitor current and power to optimize system efficiency or provide current measurement for closed loop circuits.