Instrumentation amplifiers - the next
level of precision signal conditioning

High performance op amps with integrated resistor networks for the ultimate in accuracy and space efficiency

Reduce system power without compromising performance

Improve DC accuracy with low offset and high-precision performance

Achieve lower distortion and higher precision with ultra-low noise

Pack high precision into small places with space-saving package options

Featured instrumentation amplifiers



Low offset, precision instrumentation amplifier



Ultra-small, low-power instrumentation amplifier


Featured TI Designs reference designs


3-terminal programmable logic controller (PLC)

Inputs ±10V or ±20mA and outputs 2.5V±2.3V; measured performance yields less than 0.2% total unadjusted error

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Single-supply strain gauge in a bridge configuration

Accurately measures the resistance of a strain gauge in a bridge configuration

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Isolated current shunt and voltage measurement motor drive

Enables the performance evaluation of three motor currents, three inverter voltages and the DC-link voltage

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Featured technical resources

TI Precision Labs training

TI training

Online classroom for analog engineers with more than 40 hands-on amplifier trainings and lab videos

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Vcm vs. Vout calculation tool

Vcm vs. Vout calculation tool

Calculates the input signal common-mode-range of TI instrumentation amplifiers

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Understanding Vcm vs.
Vout plots

Understanding instrumentation amplifier Vcm vs. Vout plots

Find resources on the most common issue when working with instrumentation amplifiers

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Companion devices

Precision ADCs (≤10 MSPS)

Precision ADCs

Pinpoint accuracy with up to 32-bit resolution

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Precision DACs (≤10 MSPS)

Precision DACs

Precision digital-to-analog conversion in 8- to 18-bit resolution

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Power management

Power management

Voltage references, DC/DC switching regulators, LDOs and more

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Take your precision signal conditioning design to the next level with TI instrumentation amplifiers. Our high-performance op amps integrate resistor networks to deliver the highest accuracy while reducing board space.