Variable gain amplifiers to meet your
varying performance requirements

With gains up to 1000V/V and bandwidths to 4.5GHz,
get the right gain at the right time

Wide bandwidth amplifiers with precision analog and digital gain control up to 4.5 GHz

Digitally programmable precision amplifiers with binary and scope gain ranges up to 1,000V/V

Featured programmable and variable gain amplifiers



4.5-GHz DVGA with 32-dB gain range (1 dB step)



1.1 GHz DVGA with 39-dB gain range (1 dB step)



Temperature and pressure programmable signal conditioner

Featured TI Designs reference designs


50-ohm, 2-GHz oscilloscope front-end

Demonstrates a 50-ohm interface oscilloscope front-end with 2GHz bandwidth

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Quad-channel, 250-MSPS digitizer with variable gain amplifier

Demonstrates how to use a high-performance VGA to drive a differential ADC with a single-ended signal

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Bridge sensor signal conditioner with current-loop output

Bridge sensor conditioner module that delivers a well-regulated current output to a ground-referenced load with EMI protection

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Technical resources

TI Precision Labs training

TI Precision Labs training

Online classroom for analog engineers with more than 40 hands-on amplifier trainings and lab videos.

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Analog Engineer's Pocket Reference

Blog posts

E-book for analog system design covering a wide variety of popular signal chain topics

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Online support

Online support

Ask questions, share knowledge and help solve proglems with fellow engineers in TI's E2E™ Community

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Companion devices

High-speed ADCs (≥10 MSPS)

Find the right high-speed ADC for your system: highest speeds, lowest power and maximum dynamic range

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High-speed DACs (≥10 MSPS)

Complete your transceiver design with a high-speed DAC

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Precision ADCs (≤10 MSPS)

Achieve pinpoint accuracy with ADCs up to 32-bit resolution

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Precision DACs (≤10 MSPS)

Precision digital-to-analog conversion from 8- to 18-bit resolution

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Find the right clock buffer, generator, jitter cleaner, and/or PLL/synthesizer product for your design

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Power management

View TI's broad portfolio of voltage references, DC/DC switching regulators, LDOs and more

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From design support to production capacity, TI has your variable gain amplifier (VGA) and programmable gain amplifier (PGA) needs covered. TI’s innovative portfolio supports bandwidths up to 4.5 GHz and gain ranges up to 1,000V/V, and applications such as DOCSIS 3.0/3.1, VDSL2, broadband power line communication (PLC), and precision signal acquisition. Online training, TI Designs reference designs and TI’s E2E™ Community provide quick and easy design support that is only a click away.